There are thousands of values in and around sports. From those, I tried to visualize the beauty of the personal story of a footballer that is normally invisible.

Through the context of sports, the film touches upon the immigration issue, a topic which is highly concerned in the society today. Therefore I believe that it can reach further than the football community and impact a broader audience.


Celebrate PSV Eindhoven, Sports, and Human.



A project with

PSV Eindhoven / Jong PSV / Nederlands TextielMuseum, TextielLab





A project with

PSV アイントホーフェン / ヨング PSV

オランダ テキスタイル・ミュージアム、 テキスタイル・ラボ

The honourable identity of footballers is not defined only by their shirt number.

Each player has their own path; personal struggles and courses of events which has led them to the pitch.


A uniform, made of thread that contains chromogenic reactant to sunlight, makes visible the footballers' personal stories when they are on the pitch.